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Fragments (12–13 Sept) | ReactFoo (14 Sept) | JSFoo (15–16 Sept)

You should be at Fragments if you have a mobile product

The mobile development landscape has changed tremendously over the last few years. With the maturing of the mobile ecosystem, we are now seeing a convergence of platforms. Android, iOS, and mobile web are the only ones left, and with Progressive Web Apps the lines between them are also getting blurry. It is now more important than ever to have your app look and behave the same on all platforms and features need to roll out simultaneously.

We’ve spent the last few years treating development on each platform independently. It’s own code base, design, release cycle, and nuances. This approach is no longer sustainable.

This issue is no longer fragmented platforms but fragmented development practices.

Fragments aims to provide a platform for those who have dealt with these issues at scale to share their approaches, tools, and lessons learned.

Fragments is aimed squarely at:

  • Those who are sitting on a 2-3 year old platform-specific codebase, and would like to know whether to refactor or rewrite, and how to do so in a future-proof way
  • Product managers, team leads, engineering heads, and developers who are considering cross platform development frameworks like React Native more seriously, and wondering which to choose
  • Designers and developers who want to know how others have streamlined their processes and workflows to make a more efficient mobile development team.
  • Traditional native Android and iOS developers who want to stay ahead of the curve and understand what cross platform framework they should invest time into, if any.
  • Web developers and designers who are looking at Progressive Web Apps more seriously.

Childcare at Fragments

We welcome children at Fragments. If you are a primary caretaker who wants to attend the conference, and needs support with childcare, we have it all arranged. Learn more.

Food Court at Fragments

Do you like to eat? So do we! HasGeek staff are foodies and also health conscious. Learn more about the food court at our conferences. Learn More.

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